January 27, 2010

Good morning all!  I am having company this week so I need to take a break during this time…I am going to continue to eat right…but I know it will be an outside version of what’s ok for me…and will be impossible to find time to write and take photos and such… I will be back next week…earlier if I find I can!



January 23, 2010

Ok…hang on everyone…please bear with me…I have taken on a small computer related job and it’s hogging all of my BLOG time!  I will be back asap!

The Tipping Point

January 19, 2010

Listen to your body.  It will tell you when things are not OK.  I call mine my *tipping point*.  It’s like a big red warning light flashing on and off for me.  I have a certain point I reach if I have gained weight over and above what works for my body frame.  It’s located in my lower back on the right hand side.  The moment I reach that point, my back starts to hurt and I know I need to back peddle, and fast. Otherwise, it will get really painful.  I think many people just ignore these warning signs from their bodies and let it get worse and worse…  That’s ok….as long as you’re not going to complain about how bad you feel or how much pain you’re in.  If that’s the case, do something about it.  My jeans are loose again.  It feels great not to have my circulation being cut off any longer and being able to breathe again.  God, I hate that feeling.  The pain in my back has receded.  The light isn’t green yet, but it’s consistently yellow…and that is good.

Eggs, smoothie, eggs, smoothie…today is smoothie day.  However, remember that on eggs day you can dress them up with any kinds of vegetables…asparagus, bell pepper, mushrooms, spinach…and if you want more color…red and yellow bell peppers… Right now produce is limited here.  I mean, I am sure I could, but as it is, regular green bell peppers are about $2 each.  Trying to keep the costs down and using what arrives in our vegetable box each week.

Hot water with lemon juice

Cran-water with psyllium

Borage Oil capsule

Hard boiled egg for snack

For those of you who feel these things matter…I am melting.  I decided not to share the original measurements, but I’ve lost a solid 3″ on the waist and 2″ on each thigh.  My Levi’s are getting loose and no longer cutting of my circulation or breathing!

Damn this cold weather

January 15, 2010

It is taking ALL the joy out of smoothie day for me!!!

Usual routine for breakfast…hot water with lemon, cran-water with psyllium, borage oil…smoothie…brrrrrrrrrr!!!

Hard boiled egg on smoothie days…

Lunch…what to have for lunch?  Probably left over chicken from dinner last night with steamed broccoli.


January 14, 2010

2 scrambled eggs with a portobello mushroom the size of my head for breakfast today…and then I didn’t have lunch because I was, honestly, full.  It’s freezing here and I’m not really getting much activity, so it’s hard to build up an appetite.

Had an apple (low glycemic…meaning it has a lower effect on your blood sugar) for a snack.  Making baked chicken with just herbs and steamed broccoli tonight for dinner.  Keeping that cran-water going throughout the day too…

The Co-Op Vegetable Box

January 14, 2010

I am signed up for an organic vegetable co-op near my home, and I love it.   I receive basically what is in season and local, which is why I keep mentioning that I need to use what I have in my refrigerator vs. special trips to the store for the specific vegetables for the recipes that Gittleman writes in her book.  However, I know what the core of the plan is and use vegetables that work within her guidelines…this would include eating a lot of leafy greens and low glycemic fruits.  Discussed in her book.

Finding fresh produce is nearly impossible where I live.  Ken spoke with someone who works in food commodities once and he said that Raleigh, NC is one of, if not the, last stop on the route for food delivery in the entire country.  If you saw what people believe passes for fresh produce here, you’d know what I mean.

Even with my vegetable co-op, it is sometimes difficult to get fresh produce.  They are very, very gracious and accommodating about giving me immediate credit should we receive anything that is of poor quality and they never complain.  However, the last time we received our box, nearly everything was rotted.  When I wrote to them about it they said that they were surprised because no one else had complained.  I don’t think they were lying to me, I believe this is because people here are simply accustomed to rotting, crappy food…poor souls don’t know any better.   It would be easier to feel sorry for them if they didn’t look at me like I had three heads every time I mention it.  Sorry…this is really a pet peeve of mine here.  It’s bad enough that the food is such poor quality, but that the people here seem to be oblivious and treat me like I’m crazy just adds insult to injury for me.

…..Except for the California transplants, with whom I inevitably end up having a conversation that begins with…”Do you find the food here disgusting too?”  Answer: Hell YES.  The shame is that nothing is going to change if everyone believes it’s acceptable.  Deep sigh.

What can I say, I was spoiled…not just by the freshest food on the planet, but by a Mother who always cooked from scratch and kept an organic garden in our backyard, as did I as an adult.

Hot lemon water

Cran-water with psyllium

Borage Oil

2 eggs as you wish…scrambled or omlette…with sautee’d veggies…I think I’m going to go for some of those amazing looking portabello mushrooms in my vegetable box today!!